Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I'm so excited that First Spring is available to order! Click here to see the details at Guardian Angels Publishing. I've got print copies on order and Dylan can hardly wait to autograph them for friends and family. It's really fun watching his excitement grow.

Over Thanksgiving, we made our annual trek to the northern part of the state to make Christmas wreathes. A friend of ours at the local gun club lets Dylan drive his 4-wheeler around the property all year round to do various chores and help out. To thank Scott, Dylan made this wreath. Yes, those are real pheasant feathers - I plucked them myself. The wreath is made of princess pine. It has no scent and doesn't shed. Many people ask us to sell them but they are so labor intensive we couldn't possibly do it. So, 30 lucky friends and family get one each year. Here are a few other pictures to inspire your holiday! I'm decorating the tree (while I watch Tiger Woods play golf - always have to multi-task!). We received about 6" of powder snow last night and I hope to get out for a walk, too.

The wreath to the left is my favorite. Those are gum drop cones sprayed gold encircled by tufts of pheasant feathers. I gave that wreath to a friend who does my layouts and photography. The purple beaded wreath is on my door. Very un-traditional.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. And thanks in advance for checking out First Spring. I hope you find it is a great gift for a special child in your life.

Until the next time,
Margaret Rose


  1. never snow in my it feel? :)

  2. Well, open your freezer, scrape some ice on your hand and it's like that. When it's really cold, it'll crunch under your feet. I like snow. My state is ugly without it! And it's more fun to play in the snow than the rain. Thanks for visiting Mi7