Saturday, January 29, 2011

Homemade Lullabies

"There once was a baby named Dylan, whose smile sent my heart just a thrillin'. His eyes were so blue and they said, "I love you," there once was a baby named Dylan.

Did you ever make up lullabies for your children? Rewriting song lyrics and sometimes coming up with entirely new songs is a fun pastime of mine. Like the little ditty above, which has a unique melody and four verses, I used to revel in making these up, often spontaneously for my kids.

"Zachy, how I love ya, how I love ya, my baby Zachy. You got a smile as bright as the fourth of July, and when you smile like that, it makes my heart sigh . . . ."

Bathtime at our house would be raucous affairs with all kinds of loud silliness and splashing. A car ride on a bumpy road could make us burst into songs that made no sense, had no point, and sometimes no end. Once I rewrote the lyrics to the Battle of New Orleans. I turned it into a fishing song that was hilarious but I couldn't sing it worth a darn. The key just wouldn't stick in my head. Bette Midler's Wind Beneath My Wings turned into a parody on peeps who aren't very nice to others. We sang that around the campfire for years.

Do you do these crazy things with your friends and families? It sure makes for some fun memories. Share your memories and crazy ideas here.

Until the next time.
Margaret Rose

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Melange of Cultures's Blog

Melange of Cultures's Blog Nicole Weaver writes a delightful review of my new book. Please take a minute to read and recommend this book to people who love children!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Blogging Today

Join me at Tracey Cox's blog today. Hers is the first Guardian Angel blog I've guested on and in honor of that, I'm giving away an autographed copy of my nursery rhyme, First Spring! Come by and share your favorite childhood memory that involves nature and you could win the book. Might as well keep busy and stay warm! Let's get to know each other! I hope to see you this evening. Click here.

Margaret Rose


I couldn't let this day go by without saying, how do you spell deep freeze? MINNESOTA. Oh, my! It's -25. Yes, that's the actual temp. Let's not talk about breezes today. Dreadfully cold and I hope if you're venturing out in cold, you'll take extra precautions. You never know when you'll wish you had a blanket in the car!

The first photo was taken on the Mississippi on an equally cold day. These swans have grown accustomed to staying in the area because the water coming from the nearby nuclear power plant keeps the temps a bit warmer. Otherwise, they'd be outa here!

And in the next photo, you can see how they congregate upstream because they're being fed. I have a number of other photos...some of them show the steam rising off the river, creating an eerie image - the swans aren't supposed to be here and you wonder at first if they are an illusion. The sound was incredible - all these swans and then the geese and ducks joining in the foray. I can't imagine living along this stretch of the river!

I could barely see through the viewfinder...the wind was blowing and tears were streaming down my face - and darn near freeing in the process. But it was an amazing sight and suitable for such a very cold Minnesota day.

Happy Friday.

Margaret Rose

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome 2011

Guardian Angel Kids Ezine January 2011 Issue Now Available
The 2010 holidays are now behind us and the January 2011 issue of Guardian Angel Kids Ezine  blasts in the New Year with wonderful activities, short stories, articles, a poem, and a parent/teacher article to brighten your days.

Be prepared to spend memorable time as you both explore the monthly features:

Featured Books:
Chesley’s Crazy Hair Flip Book written and illustrated by Joanne Potts
Animal Sound Mix-Up Flip Book written by Connie Arnold and illustrated by Kit Grady 

There's lots more in every issue and well worth the time you and your child spend together reading and playing together on the various pages.

We brought in 2011 pretty quietly. On New Year's Eve, we played Battleship. My husband loves to cheat when we play that game so my youngest was on his team and my oldest played with me. Dear hubby didn't do so well when he had to play by the rules! LOL I got caught up on a lot of writing. This isn't the only genre I write in and one of my groups needed recipes. You wouldn't think 5 recipes would take very long, but when the cookbook has a theme, you have to find the RIGHT recipes, the right quotes, quips, stories and photos to go along , too! I got a number of blogs written and worked on another book. We didn't have company over the second holiday so that was relaxing. This weekend I MUST take down the tree. I don't like that job. I hate putting away the pretty ornaments that hold so many memories.

Time is short. Child needs a ride...keys in hand, I must run.

Take good care,
Margaret Rose