Friday, January 21, 2011


I couldn't let this day go by without saying, how do you spell deep freeze? MINNESOTA. Oh, my! It's -25. Yes, that's the actual temp. Let's not talk about breezes today. Dreadfully cold and I hope if you're venturing out in cold, you'll take extra precautions. You never know when you'll wish you had a blanket in the car!

The first photo was taken on the Mississippi on an equally cold day. These swans have grown accustomed to staying in the area because the water coming from the nearby nuclear power plant keeps the temps a bit warmer. Otherwise, they'd be outa here!

And in the next photo, you can see how they congregate upstream because they're being fed. I have a number of other photos...some of them show the steam rising off the river, creating an eerie image - the swans aren't supposed to be here and you wonder at first if they are an illusion. The sound was incredible - all these swans and then the geese and ducks joining in the foray. I can't imagine living along this stretch of the river!

I could barely see through the viewfinder...the wind was blowing and tears were streaming down my face - and darn near freeing in the process. But it was an amazing sight and suitable for such a very cold Minnesota day.

Happy Friday.

Margaret Rose


  1. Oh, this is stunning! We have a few wintering swans but nothing like this. Thanks so much for sharing all this beauty.

  2. Thanks, Nancy! I have more of these. I'll have to post them.