Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's On The Wall

My mother comes from Germany. One of my favorite memories of her is when I was probably 8 years old. We had a wall in our kitchen that all of us kids (and there were quite a few) could hang our drawings and school work on. After Valentine's Day I remember her standing there and in her typical German accent, asking, "Do you vant the Walentines on da vall?" Still makes me smile.

I love making Valentine's hearts. Great big pieces of pink, red, and white construction paper, frilly paper doilies, glitter glue, colored markers, felt, and stickers would cover the kitchen table when the kids were younger. The neighbor kids would show up and we'd spend an afternoon together making these to decorate the walls and give away.I'd cut out various sizes out of cardboard so the kids could trace the hearts. Some of them turned out in paper doll fashion, linked and then decorated however the children decided. I always liked to write one word in each heart and make them super big so the whole family knew I LOVE YOU.

On the back of my bedroom door, though faded now, is a collection of my son's hearts. Misshapen from little left-handed efforts to cut a recognizable heart. Scribbles meant to read I Love You. A fingerpainted vase with long green stems and his tiny hands as the flowers created a Valentine's Day bouquet. Years ago now, the memory of making these is fresh, durable.

Have you made a Valentine's Day memory yet? I hope so.

Until the next time.
Margaret Rose

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