Monday, June 27, 2011

Watching Creativity Blossom

Yesterday after church, I was at a farewell gathering. While I was waiting for my turn to say goodbye, a fellow walked up to me and told me his daughter was here and she is a budding author. I couldn't resist the opportunity to cheer her on. Her eyes got big as saucers when I shook her hand and told her who I was. Her mom did the same. Made me chuckle inside. Anyway, I sat down with Kathryn and she told me all about the fascinating chapter book she is writing with her girlfriend. Her imagination was inspiring. She's 10 years old. To think at such a young age, the idea of writing a chapter book doesn't scare the dickens out of her. 

Writing a "chapter book" scared me most of my life.

Her mom asked me some questions about how and where I write. I write about 60 hours a week and I always write in the same place. I told Kathryn that she should try to write something every day, too. Even if she doesn't feel like working on her chapter book that day, write a little paragraph about something else to get in the writing habit. Then we talked a little about her main character, Jenny. Jenny is a lot like Kathryn. That's a good thing, I told her, write what you know. I explained how I find pictures of my characters and keep little notes about them so when I'm writing I don't forget important details.  She thought these suggestions were good since she'd already forgotten a few things.

This is a child who will be a lifelong writer and critical thinker. Her tenacity was really something. Maybe she won't become an author, but some of what she does now will obviously help her in school and maybe she'll have a lifelong love for creative writing. And she'll live boldly, because a child who isn't afraid to write a chapter book at age 10 has it going on.

She asked for my email address and smiled like she won the lottery when I wrote it down without hesitation.  Of course mom will be over her shoulder but this little girl really inspired me and I look forward to hearing from her soon.

I love fireworks. Do you? I've watched them from high above in airplanes. I've watched them in Europe and I love watching them at home. I hate the mosquitoes that always come with though. LOL We'll have my husband's family and some of mine here for the long weekend. My eldest son's concert/jazz bands are playing in the park that evening and my youngest will be in the Honor Guard for Scouts too. Our flags will be waving. Thank you, brave men and women, who fought and served our company so bravely, so fiercely, so all we have to worry about on July 4th is whether we get a good seat for the fireworks.  Sure puts those sacrifices in perspective.

I hope you're enjoying your summer. Until the next time,

Margaret Rose

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